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Walk-In Humidors
Portable - Complete - Ready to Go

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The Man Cave
Featured on the "Cigar Dave Show"
Portable Humidor for your Home or Office

The Ultimate Walk-In Humidor for your Home or Office. It gets no better than this, and when you purchase one of these, you will be the envy of your friends and colleagues for years to come. You will be considered the Mac-Daddy in the world of cigars.

National Cigar Show
2012 Interview


Tampa Cigar Festival
2012 Interview


The Portable Man-Cave is a complete and self contained Walk-In Humidor, just like the Commercial Walk-In Humidors shown below. The only difference between the Man-Cave and the Commercial Models is the size. It is smaller than our larger commercial models so it can easily fit into an upstairs office or a downstairs basement play area. It comes standard with Automatic Humidification, Reverse Osmosis & Water Filtration, and optional Temperature Control. If you don't have a water supply or a drain, no problem. The Man-Cave Humidor comes standard with a 13 gallon distilled water tank system. All you would need to supply is a 110 volt power supply. The humidor has dimmable LED lighting on all shelves and in the ceiling.

The humidor interior is constructed from all Spanish Cedar, and the exterior is made from either Maple or Oak. The humidor is offered in 5 basic finishes, but we do offer a match to color for an additional charge. The humidor shown above has been designed to be placed in the corner of a room. We can manufacture to any size or shape you request.

The Man-Cave Humidor is an all modular design, and it is shipped to you fully finished, pre-wired and ready to assemble. All you will need is a Phillips Screwdriver and an Allen Wrench. You can have your New Portable Walk-In Humidor up and running in as little as 3 hours. Should you ever decide to relocate it, you simply un-bolt the all modular sections and relocate to the new desired space. Should you decide in the future you would like to make it larger or a different shape, No Problem. Again, since it's modular, all you will need to do is order the extra pieces and install, and "Presto", you than have a larger Walk-In Humidor without loosing any of your initial investment.

Look at the features of the Commercial Models below, your humidor will have all of the exact same features because it's make exactly the same. Again, the only difference between the personal Man-Cave Walk-In and the Commercial Walk-In is the size.

So, when you are ready, give us a call and let us make you the next Mac-Daddy of Cigars on your block.
What we have found out from customers looking to purchase this humidor, is that we havent just created a new humidor design, but a whole new cigar lifestyle. Purchase yours today!

The Man-Cave Humidor is manufactured by the Humidor Store in Tampa, Florida. An
American Made Product.

 1-800 HUMIDOR

Commercial Walk-In Humidors
Portable - Complete - Ready to Go

Exterior Walk-In Dimensions
8 1/2 ft. wide x 7 1/4 ft. deep x 96 inches high

   Click on Photos for Larger Image

Available Colors:
Light Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Dark Walnut, or Light Walnut

Portable Walk-In Humidor designed & manufactured by The Humidor Store located in Tampa, Florida.

This New Walk-In Humidor has been a concept in development at The Humidor Store for several years. On July 17, 2011 we presented the
New Walk-In Humidor as our latest addition to the line of humidors we manufacturer at the National IPCPR Cigar Tradeshow that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Walk-In Humidor Pricing: When we introduced the Portable Humidor Line, we thought we would offer a few set models with set pricing. We quickly found that no two customers are alike, and everybody wants something a little different.

There are no limits to the shapes and sizes of Portable Walk-In Humidors we can manufacture. Because there are so many different sizes & options you may want, we have not listed the price for every humidor shown on this page. We ask that you give us a call or e-mail us with what you have in mind. We will gladly give you a quote for your Portable Walk-In Humidor including shipping to your door.

 Exterior Walk-In Dimensions
10 ft. wide x 8 1/2 ft. deep x 96 inches high

This portable walk-in humidor can be set up and ready to go in as little as 4 hours. It comes complete, finished and ready to assemble. It is held together by allen bolts & phillips head screws attach the window trim. The only tool you need to put this humidor together is:
(1) Phillips Screwdriver
(1) Allen Wrench

The humidor comes standard with six shelves on each wall section, allowing you to display 80 - 150 total boxes of cigars in the humidor, depending on the Walk-In size you select. In addition each wall section has a humidified locked storage area below the bottom shelf allowing for storage of your back stock of cigars.

   You can start Small like this

 and Expand to a Size Like This  

Because we are the manufacturer, the Humidor Store has the ability to make your Portable Walk-In Humidor in any shape, size, and color. You never have to worry about the size, all you need to do is provide us with the layout you would like, i.e., where would you like the entry door located, how much glass you would like to see, what kind of shape you want, and the space dimensions you have to work with. Once we receive these items, we can provide you with the total cost to manufacter your Portable Walk-In Humidor including shipping.

It's very simple,
If you can Dream It, We can Build It. The photos above represent just a few of the many Portable Walk-In Humidors that we have manufactured. Remember, it's portable, it's modular, it's expandable. Best of all, it's Affordable and it's Simple to put together.

The Humidor above was featured at the 2013 IPCPR - National Cigar Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What makes this Walk-In Humidor like no other is that it is expandable in any direction. With our all modular design, we can ship you additional humidor sections to expand your existing humidor. The sections can be added in a very short time, eliminating the cost and time of construction.

Since the humidor is all modular and self contained and requires no attachment to any building interior, there is no need to have a contractor or construction permit. Since the electrical is all self contained, the is no need for an electrician. All LED lighting is low current 12 volt with modular connections. Simply plug-n-play.

The Humidor has an all Spanish Cedar Interior.
All Spanish Cedar Shelves are fully adjustable.
Every shelf is illuminated by our "Special" Cigar LED lighting.
All LED lighting is has the exclusive dimming feature.
Ceiling panel has exclusive LED dimming feature.
Includes (2) HS-1 Electric Humidifiers or (1) Hydrofogger.
Lower storage cabinet comes standard with locks.

All you need for this humidor to be fully functional is a standard 110 volt outlet.

 HS-1 Electric Humidifier

The Portable Walk-In Humidor comes standard with two HS-1 electric humidifiers that have an auto on-off feature, and are located in the lower left hand and right hand corners of the humidor in the display base. The humidifier is equipped with an 4-inch air circulation fan that vents upward, and the air intake is located on the right side of the humidifier, allowing excellent circulation of humidified air within the humidor.

This humidifier requires no chemicals to be added and because of the design, it will preserve your cigars better than other humidifiers. No refilling for longer periods because it holds about 1 gallon of water. The HS-1 active humidifier is manufactured by The Humidor Store.

If we feel your Humidor is larger than the capacity of the HS-1 Humidifiers, we will then install a standard or mini Hydrofogger Humidifier instead of the HS-1. The Hydrofogger comes with a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

We size every Walk-In Humidor to the proper humidification system needed to maintain 70% humidity, depending on the size of your humidor and the location & the type of climate to be expected at that location.

All of the humidifiers we offer for your Walk-In Humidor are considered an active humidifier with an adjustable humistat. These are by far the best humidifiers for this humidor. The accuracy of these humidifiers is +/-5% in humidity.

 Hydro-Fogger Humidifiers



Distilled Water Tank System

Should your location not have an available water supply for the Reverse-Osmosis water filtration system and the required drain, it is no problem. Your Walk-In Humidor comes standard with an optional Distiller Water Tank System. This tank holds 13 gallons of distilled water and comes standard with a 12 volt water pump to to pump your water to your automatic humidifier. The tank is translucent so you can see the current water level. To fill the tank with distilled water, simply remove the screw on cap and fill as needed.

Temperature Control

Your Portable Walk-In Humidor has as an option, Temperature Control. This climate control unit has been specifically designed and manufactured for the Walk-In Humidor, and is located in the corner behind a louvered door. It can cool in the summer and heat in the winter. Your humidor will always be at 70 degrees. It is electric and operates on 110 volt household current. A 20 amp circuit is required for this unit, which most every location has as standard electrical supply. Temperature control is controlled by a digital panel located on the front of the unit. Temperature control is fully automatic and is a set and forget type of unit. Any moisture collected by the climate control unit is collected in a stainless steel pan. Water collected is pumped into the Humidor Tank System via a 12 volt water pump for use in humifification of the Walk-In Humidor. We call this a closed type system so no drain is required. As always, should you not desire to use the tank system, you can use a drain for any water collected.

 Digital Hygrometer


The Western Caliber digital hygrometer gauge accurately measures and displays relative humidity and temperature to assure your cigars are stored in the ideal conditions keeping them in prime smoking condition. Unlike analog gauges, the Caliber never requires calibration, there are no springs to stretch or moving parts to wear out.
This option is an additional $38.00.

 1 (800) HUMIDOR
1 (800) 486-4367