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 HS-2 Electric Humidifier
$199.95 each

 The size of the HS-2 is:
9"wide x 5"deep x 4" high

The HS-2 Electric Humidifier is manufactured by The Humidor Store. This electric (active) humidifier was manufactured to humidify small humidors up to approximately 25 square feet.

This humidifier requires no chemicals to be added and because of the design, it will preserve your cigars better than other humidifiers. No refilling for longer periods because it holds about 16 ounces of water. You refill this humidifier thru the special designed vent hole.

The humidifier is a two part peice, a top half and a bottom half. It is manufactured from high impact Black textured ABS plastic.We manufactured this as a two peice unit so you can take it apart and clean it with ease. We recommend that you clean this humidifier with warm water using Joy or Dawn dishwashing soap.

The humidifier vent is fixed and vents a 360 degree pattern of humidified air. The fan is an all ball-bearing sealed fan that operates on 110 volts, regular household current in the United States. The fan guard and all attaching hardware is made of stainless steel. The humidifier comes with a 2 foot cord. All electrical parts are UL listed.

The humidifier has a filter contained within that transfers the water molecules into the air stream which humidifies the air. Filter replacement is recommended every 3 to 6 months or as needed.

 HS-2 Humidifier Controller

This controller will automatically regulate the humidity in your humidor by turning the power on and off to the HS-2 humidifier. The accuracy of this controller is +/- 5% in humidity.


1. When tobacco products are fresh, they do not demand humidification. This is only needed when tobacco starts to dry out through normal evaporation.

2. Cigars can remain fresh within a relative humidity range of 65% - 75% at normal room temperature. Everything depends upon the specific characteristics of tobacco.

3. Forced humidification is bad and should be avoided. It can cause cigars to burst, wrappers to loosen, blister or mold. It takes ten days to two weeks to replace the moisture of dried out cigars. Restoration should be a slow, gradual process.

 1 (800) HUMIDOR
1 (800) 486-4367