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 Brick Plate Humidifier
$39.95 each


These Brick humidifiers are special made and are not available anywhere else other than the Humidor Store.

The problem we found common with most passive humidifiers is that there is not enough evaporative surface available. If you want to humidify, you must have a surface area that is ample enough to make contact with as many air molecules as possible. We manufacture these bricks in the size listed below to solve this problem.

The size of the brick is: 9 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 1" thick

Not an imitation of other products currently available.
Does not deteriorate or fall apart with use compared to some other humidifiers. The Brick Plate will keep your cigars fresh and you can slowly restore dried out cigars to a normal state of freshness.

Color coded, dark purple when wet, light in color when dry.
When saturated, the Brick Plate does not drip water after the excess is drained off.

Why is The Brick Plate, The Wonder Moistener?

The original non-electric humidifier developed in 1925 by Mortimer “Doc”Stammelman PhD, Physical Chemistry, which has passed the test of time.

Developed specifically for tobacco products.

Automatically maintains a normal level of humidity according to requirements of tobacco.

Consists of both organic and inorganic compounds which are inert and cannot harm tobacco. It is odorless, dark when wet, light in color when dry.

Can flavor tobacco by adding Rum, Brandy, Cognac, etc. to the Brick Plate.

Recommended useful life is approximately 3-5 years.

To activate, soak moistener in clean, cold tap water, bottled water or distilled water. Wipe dry and replace in the humidor unit. It will not drip once excess water is drained off.

With normal use, the Brick Plate Humidifier should be moistened once a week. Longer time periods are also possible.

Everything depends upon the nature of the tobacco (including characteristics of the cigar filler, binder and wrapper), how often a humidor is opened and the environment where it is kept.


1. When tobacco products are fresh, they do not demand humidification. This is only needed when tobacco starts to dry out through normal evaporation.

2. Cigars can remain fresh within a relative humidity range of 65% - 75% at normal room temperature. Everything depends upon the specific characteristics of tobacco.

3. Forced humidification is bad and should be avoided. It can cause cigars to burst, wrappers to loosen, blister or mold. It takes ten days to two weeks to replace the moisture of dried out cigars. Restoration should be a slow, gradual process.

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