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 Commercial Model 2512
Swinging Glass Access Door in Rear

Available Colors: Light Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Dark Walnut, or Light Walnut.

The Commercial Model 2512 humidor is a solid wood and glass humidor made of solid Maple or Oak, depending on the selected finish, that has been designed for commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels, convenient stores, bars, etc., that have limited counter space. The Commercial Model 2512 has full glass panels from top to bottom on all four sides for great cigar visibility. The Commercial Model 2512 has four removable shelves that have a divider on each shelf, and has a slotted bottom for excellent air circulation. Each half of the divider can hold approximately 35 cigars, 70 cigars per shelf. The total capacity of this vertical humidor is approximately 280 cigars, depending on cigar ring size.

The Commercial Model 2512 comes with a Atmos Brick humidifier that is located in the bottom rear of the humidor. This humidifier has been custom manufactured for this humidor and does an outstanding job in all climates. To re-humidify (re-charge) brick, remove brick from humidor and simply soak in distilled water for 5 minutes per instructions, and re-insert brick into humidor.


This is a passive humidifier. This humidifing brick requires no chemicals to be added and because the clay like material we use is kept constantly moist, it will last many times longer than other humidifiers. The best passive humidifier we have found on the market.

We also offer as an option for the 2512, a 110 volt electric humidifier.
(See option information below for details).

The Commercial Model 2512 Humidor is a remove from the box and use humidor. All that needs to be completed before use is to soak with distilled water. Humidifier is located under bottom shelf of the humidor. Access to this humidor is gained from the rear and has a glass door that swings from left to right and has the ability to stay open while servicing. This access door has a full glass panel from top to bottom so that you may view your inventory with ease. This rear access door comes standard with a keyed lock. The Exterior dimensions of the Commercial Model 2512 cigar are 12" wide x 12" deep x 23" high.

Optional Digital Hygrometer


The Western Caliber digital hygrometer gauge accurately measures and displays relative humidity and temperature to assure your cigars are stored in the ideal conditions keeping them in prime smoking condition. Unlike analog gauges, the Caliber never requires calibration, there are no springs to stretch or moving parts to wear out. We sell this optional hygrometer for $38.00.

Optional Electric Humidifier


The Cigar Oasis Electric Humidifier is available as an option for the Model 2512. This is by far the best humidifier that you can purchase for this humidor. The accuracy of this humidifier is +/-3% in humidity. We sell this optional humidifier for $130.00.

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