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Cigar Oasis XL Plus uses the same microprocessor technology and features as the Cigar Oasis XL. The basic difference is a change in the air flow and water cartridge which allows the Cigar Oasis XL Plus to pick up more moisture and thus provide more rapid humidification, especially for larger personal humidors, chests, end tables and other similar enclosures. the new Cigar Oasis XL Plus now uses a foam in the water cartridge which the user must fill with distilled water as described in the manual, eliminating wicks and water splashing around. Cigar Oasis XL Plus comes standard with a large cartridge and should be used with AC power since it will run more frequently in larger humidors and battery life would be short. However, when needed, an optional water cartridge/battery pack unit can be attached to the control unit for battery powered operation.
Price: $130.00


Totally unattended long term reliable operation
Uses distilled water only. Refillable and/or replaceable water cartridge
Sealed 100% distilled water cartridge with mold retardant refillable and/or replaceable
Unique sensor measures humidity and microprocessor controller operates a quite fan to circulate humidified air within the humidor to exact desired humidity to within 1% RH
Control unit powered from any wall outlet or battery pack with AA batteries
Factory set at 70% RH but able to adjust with up and down buttons to your personal taste
Integral hygrometer displays humidity recorded several minutes prior to opening humidor
When low water and low battery conditions exist display will indicate alerts
Small size only 3.5" high x 2" wide x 6" long with standard water cartridge

Cigar Oasis II XL electronic cigar humidifier measures and controls reliably the humidity in display cases, armoires and other large cigar humidors over long periods of time.

The new Cigar Oasis II XL now uses the microprocessor electronics to control humidity accurately and display it. The remote display has a six foot extension that can be located wherever the user wishes to mount the display with control buttons to set the humidity. When humidity drops below set point for over two hours, the display flashes indicating low water or major leak in humidor.
Price: $290.00


A unique, microprocessor based cigar humidifier
Totally unattended, reliable operation
Remote display and humidity adjustments controls
Remote displays humidity and flashes when it needs water
Uses only 100% distilled water no chemicals
Water reservoir is user refillable
Built in filtration and mold retardant
Set to maintains the humidity at 70% or user adjustable humidity from 60-80% humidity
Includes circulation fans to maintain uniform humidity
Suitable for large humidors, armoires, display cases, etc.
Remote has receptacle to plug in auxiliary fans
Overall dimensions only 6 1/2" wide x 6" high x 13" long
Adapter plugs into any standard power outlet
Standard adapter 120 VAC - optional 240 VAC

With the overwhelming success of Cigar Oasis as the best humidifier available, our customers demanded a unit for larger humidifiers such as display cases, armoires, end tables etc. Our answer was Cigar Oasis II XL using the new microprocessor technology -same as Cigar Oasis XL- with a larger refillable distilled water reservoir. The distilled water reservoir in the lower section is ready to operate once you fill with water and plug it into power.

A unique sensor measures accurately the humidity in the humidor and the signal is used to operate a control fan which returns the humidified air back to the humidor. A second set of fans are included with every unit which are on all the time to assure that air is always moving in the controlled space.

If it is a large cabinet provision is available for an auxiliary fan with extended wires to be located at a suitable location in the cabinet to move the air and avoid gradients. The unit filters and circulates the air inside the humidor and recovers rapidly to the controlled humidity after accessing the humidor. Cigar Oasis II XL is the reliable way to make humidification easy and guarantee that your cigars are always fresh.

Cigar Oasis II XL is shipped with a foam which is treated with an antifungal agent and the user must fill the water reservoir containing the foam with distilled water only.

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