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 Humidor Order to Manufacture
Terms & Conditions

When Ordering a Humidor from The Humidor Store, the following terms and conditions apply to all Orders to Manufacture a Custom Humidor.

Term: The Manufacturing Contract begins on the day Initial Payment is received and ends 7 days after delivery or if multiple deliveries are required, then 7 days after the last item has been delivered.

Payment: Payment to The Humidor Store on all orders must be made when the Order is placed for the manufacturing of the described Humidor in this contract. Payment terms are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice.

Deposit: Upon discretion of The Humidor Store, we may allow the Buyer of the Humidor specified in this contract, the option to place a 50% deposit towards the manufacturing order. Once the Humidor has entered into the manufacturing process, an additional payment of 25% will be required in 21 days from the date of the manufacturing order. Once the Humidor has been completed and is ready for shipping, the final payment of 25%, which includes all shipping cost, will be required prior to Humidor shipment. The job start date will be the date the Humidor Store receives payment on the Humidor listed in this contract agreement.

Changes to Orders: Changes can be made to existing orders at the discretion of The Humidor Store within (3 Business Days) of the order being placed. Requests for changes can and must be submitted via email to Phone changes cannot be accepted due to the fact that there could be a mis-understanding in what was said or meaning of the change. If changes are approved and made to an existing order, a Change Order Confirmation will be emailed to the customer for documentation of the change. Changes to orders are not considered complete unless the customer has this new order confirmation.

The Humidor Store is not responsible for any discrepancies when dimensions are supplied by the customer. All dimensions are to be verified by customers on their order, and placing the order is agreeing to the dimensions as listed. Customer is agreeing to their order as soon as they place it. Any changes must be received within (3 Business Days) of the order being placed.

The Humidor Store strives for the quickest turnaround time possible by processing and cutting your order almost immediately after it has been submitted. Once your Humidor Order has begun the manufacturing process, the order cannot be modified, or added to without incurring additional charges for the requested changes. This includes combining newer orders with older orders to conserve on shipping cost.

Cancellation: All of our items are Made to Order and they are not in stock. Orders can be canceled within (3 Business Days) from the date the initial payment was received from the purchaser. Cancellation requests must be emailed to Cancellation requests via phone will not be accepted. After (3 Business Days), the order cannot be canceled for any reason.

Refund/Return Policy: Refunds are not available for Custom Made Humidors and associated manufactured products. In rare circumstances, The Humidor Store will accept returns of products due to a defect/error in production (i.e. wrong size, wrong wood type, etc.) Error must clearly have been made by The Humidor Store. The Humidor Store reserves the right to deny any and all return requests. Shipping said product back to The Humidor Store will be the sole financial responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Information: All Humidors manufactured by The Humidor Store are manufactured as individual cabinets and assemblies. Each cabinet or assembly is wrapped in a shipping blanket or has been wrapped by protective paper, bubble wrap, and or boxed. All cabinets and assemblies are placed onto a shrink-wrapped pallet if being shipped via a common carrier, UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, etc. If the Humidors are to be shipped via The Humidor Stores (Own or Rented) Truck, then usually the Humidors are wrapped in a shipping Blanket or Protective Bubble Wrap and placed onto the truck and strapped down for safe shipment.

Humidors can be shipped to businesses, residences, and construction sites with or without a loading dock. A person will need to be on site to inspect and sign for the shipment. Most carriers will request a 8 hour window for delivery. Additional persons to help off-load the Humidor shipment will be required at the time of delivery and will be the responsibility of the buyer. If a lift-gate is required, additional charges may be required.

The driver is only responsible for placing the pallet or wrapped Humidor onto the back of the delivery truck. It is the customers responsibility to have persons who have the physical capability to offload the Humidor to its final location. All destinations must be tractor trailer accessible. Shipping and handling charges cover one delivery attempt to customer. In the event that due to customer unavailability or other customer circumstance, an order is not deliverable, the customer will be responsible for additional shipping and handling. If there are any problems concerning the delivery please contact us as soon as possible.

Shipping Transit Times: On average, most deliveries take 4-10 business days for transit from the time it ships out, not from the time the order is placed. Deliveries are usually made Monday through Friday. Orders that are shipped via common carrier (Truck Freight Line) you will be contacted to set up a date and time for your delivery.

In the event that you need to reschedule delivery, or if you are not going to be at the delivery location, please contact the Freight Carrier at the telephone number provided with your tracking information. If the delivery is scheduled and no one is available at the time of delivery, there will be a redeliver fee that must be paid prior to the next delivery attempt. The Humidor Store will not be held responsible for any storage fees or additional delivery fees beyond the original shipping provided with your order.

Delivery / Acceptance: Customer will have the right to inspect the goods upon delivery, and within 3 Business Days after delivery, Customer must give notice to The Humidor Store of any claim for damages on account of condition, quality, or quality of the goods, and the customer must specify the basis of the claim in detail.

Product Receiving Instructions:
1) Please inspect the shipment immediately upon receipt.

2) Please sign for piece count as well as pallet count.

3) The freight carrier has acknowledged the receipt of this shipment from our facilities in good condition. By your acceptance of the shipment from the carrier on the bill of lading, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in good condition. The Humidor Store cannot be responsible for loss or damage if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt.

4) If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, make a notation for damage and/or shortage on the bill of lading with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order.

Damage to Humidor Shipment: If there is any damage upon delivery notify the delivery driver of the damage and request that he/she makes a note of the damage on the bill of lading prior to the delivery carrier leaving.

Even though we use professional freight carriers, accidents do happen on occasion. All products are fully inspected and are in perfect condition before being shipped out from The Humidor Stores Factory. Should you find damage to the Humidors or Accessories being delivered, be sure to take photos to show proof of the damage at the time of delivery in case we need to make an insurance claim. If the merchandise is damaged beyond repair and the piece must be exchanged, then only refuse the damaged item not the entire order. Be sure to retain all original cartons and/or packaging until resolution regarding your order has been reached as well as all paperwork. Should the shipment contain concealed damage, be sure to contact The Humidor Store within (3 Business Days) of delivery date and e-mail photos of damage. The customer is responsible for all damage that occurs following receipt of the shipment.

Warranty: The Humidor Store warrants to Buyer that products manufactured by The Humidor Store will be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use within one year of shipment date. If a product manufactured by The Humidor Store fails to conform to this warranty within the one year warranty period, The Humidor Store at its option will repair, replace, or issue a credit for the Product to the Buyer. The Humidor Store will not be responsible for freight charges on returned goods and shipments.
The Humidor Store desires to have only satisfied customers. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is important that you clearly understand the possible inconsistencies that may be experienced with real wood products.

Our Humidors represent the careful selection of woods, however, no two pieces of wood are ever exactly alike, even from the same tree. Light stains and natural finishes highlight the natural characteristics of the wood and makes them more evident than darker finishes. Natural finish has been especially formulated and provided for those who understand, appreciate and enjoy the true beauty of natural or almost natural finish. Both Oak and Maple wood species with Natural Finish have distinctive natural characteristics somewhat unique to other species or colors. Wood by nature can have considerable color variation made more evident by the natural finish. There may be shades of White, Red, grey or even green areas. Mineral streaks, caused by the irregularity of mineral absorption from one part of the tree to another, becomes more pronounced with the natural finish. Mineral streaks may show up as streaks of grey, black, or even red in areas. Grain and apparent texture may range from even and consistent to varied and dramatic. Due to the differences in natural color and grain, each piece of wood will react differently to the finishing material used. Closed grained woods absorb less and will vary in color from more open grained pieces of the very same woods.

Purchases at a future date of the same style and color cannot be guaranteed to make a perfect match. Small door samples or displays may not represent the exact color received at time of shipment. Accordingly, The Humidor Store cannot be held responsible for any of the above mentioned conditions.

If the buyer purchases a product from The Humidor Store that includes a product such as a Humidifier or Hygrometer that was not manufactured by The Humidor Store the buyer must accept the warranty from that manufacturer and address all claims and concerns to that manufacturer of that product.

The Humidor Store will not be responsible for any warranty claim unless it receives prompt notice of any discovery by Buyer of a claimed defect and Buyer's cooperation. All warranties are void if a Product is not stored, installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with The Humidor Stores instructions and recommendations and standard industry practice. No employee or agent of ours is authorized to make any warranty other than that specifically set forth herein. Except as expressly provided herein, the foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written, oral, statutory, express or implied.

Taxes: All sales taxes, tariffs, and other governmental charges shall be paid by the Customer and are the Customers Responsibility.

Governing Law: This Contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any disputes hereunder will be heard in the appropriate federal and state courts located in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Terms & Conditions Disclaimer: The Humidor Store reserves the right to update or modify its policies at any time without prior notice.

Color/Finish/Shade Guarantee Disclaimer:
The Humidor Store does not guarantee color, shades or finishes on any item due to the fact that computer screen settings vary from computer to computer. For the best depiction of an item color, please request a color sample of the material that we will be manufacturing your Humidor from.

Force Majeure: Seller may, without liability, delay performance or cancel this Contract on account of force majeure events or other circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, political unrest, embargo, failure of source of supply, or casualty.

Miscellaneous: This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes and replaces all such prior agreements with respect to matters expressly set forth herein. No modification shall be made to this Contract except in writing and signed by both parties. This Contract shall be binding upon the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns and personal representatives.

Should you have any questions regarding the above terms and conditions, we ask that you please give us a telephone call, e-mail, or write a letter regarding the specifics of your order. You can reach us at the following:

The Humidor Store
4705 North Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33614
United States of America

Toll-Free: 1 (800) HUMIDOR

Local: (813)870-0840
TeleFax: (813)877-5285

When you telephone or e-mail us we will need the following:

Model and Color of humidor you want.
Sold to Name, address and telephone numbers
Ship to Name address and telephone numbers.
form of payment
special instructions

We accept the following forms of payment:

Check prior to delivery
Any of the following major credit cards:

1 (800) HUMIDOR
1 (800) 486-4367